1313 Mockingbird Lane - Unfinished Business (The Toilet Tapes)

Cacophone follows their reissue of 1313ML’s 1990 first LP with this unreleased dive. The ’60s-inspired Albany cavestompers, known for eight 45s, 1989-1996, were the frogspawn of Screaming Jay Hawkins, Chuck Berry, Link Wray (a drummer played with him), Bo Diddley (they cover 1960’s R&B #20 “Road Runner” like The Pretty Things—less politely than The Zombies!), Cramps, Misfits (in crypt-ic subjects), The Munsters TV show that provided their moniker (“More flaming dragon, Grandpa?”) and every hard-nosed garage-punk combo that defiled Pebbles collections. Therefore, the basement quality of some (not most—e.g., the helacious, live “Teenage Frankenstein”) of Unfinished doesn’t blunt their wallop any more than it would The Lyres or Chesterfield Kings, whom they opened for. Who needs The Standells to cover The Beatles at Munster Mansion (3/16/65)? Herman, here’s your party band! —Jack Rabid/The Big Takeover #86