American Darlings

Hailing from Brooklyn, The American Darlings have been providing woozy, tremolo-soaked guitars and winsome hooks from Brooklyn since 2010.

The band's catchy fuzz-pop has been compared to such great bands as Big Star, The Raspberries, and Badfinger. Four words describe these Darlings — infectious, melodic, catchy, and loud.

Paste Magazine said of their last album Glow, “The masterpiece... a break from the cliche, boisterous, yet frisky... Fans of Superdrag and GBV will rejoice and rock out like it’s 1996”.  The Deli said, “Roll With Me (from Glow) shows the three-minute power-pop anthem format is alive and well.” And, Jack Rabid from the Big Takeover is calling the new album, “Greater sonic exploration... like The Verve producing Alex Chilton.”

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary the boys from Brooklyn have been busy writing and recording their newest album Afterglow, now available from Cacophone Records.