You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You might even be mortified. They do it, always, in the name of a good time — although it may sometimes be at the expense of others. O Danny Boy on Guitar and Lead Vocals may sometimes come off as a miserable prick, but way deep down, he’s really one heck of a guy and pretty good to have on your side if shit goes down. Brother T on the Bass and Vocals is without a doubt one of the craziest (in the nicest way possible) motherf’ers you are likely going to come across with a heart that's bigger than his head. R.A. Burris, the backbone. Killer Drummer — yes. Vocals — yes. The voice of reason for the other two wackos — yes.

Noncompliants are defiant, rebellious, and a whole lot of fun. They serve up quick punk bites that get stuck in the skull. Chaotic energy that infects and invigorates.

Music for “fuck everybody” punks who wake up pissed off and ready to fight. — MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL