The Erotics

Mike Trash and company's very existence for over two-decades flies in the face of everything they teach kids today about "rock." Everything in that stinkin' "Hall of Fame." But, nevertheless, they exist.

The Erotics deliver unapologetically raw rock-n-roll with infectious hooks and a sly knack for sarcasm. From the punk rock beginnings of their debut album through 15 releases, the Erotics' sound harkens back to the days when rock-n-roll was real, dirty, and unwashed — think New York Dolls, vintage Alice Cooper, and Bon Scott-era AC/DC.

And, we’ll tell you a secret... Beneath the antisocial bent, the brazen toxicity, the tranny makeup and sideways snarl, Mike Trash is a remarkably intelligent man, with an irreparably broken heart. An insanely talented songwriter, technically proficient and highly-skilled in texture, layering, and harmony. A student of comedic timing, irony, and satire. But, best of all, he’s just one f*ck-all of a guitar player. You won’t ever kill that, even if you could.

Mook metal-punk: one part Dictators, first album MC5, Dead Boys, and Loose Nut Black Flag; another part slimy Mötley Crüe and another glammy AOR. — Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover