The Erotics - United We Can't Stand - CD

The Erotics - United We Can't Stand - CD

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The Sultans of Sleaze, the Monarchs of Misanthropy, the Rajahs of Hard Rock are back! It’s round #13 and United We Can’t Stand is the knockout punch!

  • 13th release from the crazy train that Classic Rock Magazine dubbed, “America’s Greatest Cult Band”
  • 8-tracks at a budget rock price
  • Co-produced and recorded by the legendary Don Fury
  • Cover art by Nick Esposito of the Horror Business

Steroids & Cocaine / Ain’t Talkin’ To You / Big Beautiful Wheels / United We Can’t Stand / Crawlin’ On Broken Glass / Only When I Bleed / Pretty Little Bomb / Whorified

Also available on Cassette