In 1981 a friend's second-generation "Minor Threat" cassette spurred the formation of Capitle. Certainly, there have been worse beginnings. As band founder Jim Romano tells the story, "It was my first experience with East Coast hardcore. He played this really crappy recording and we were like, 'Oh my goodness, we can do this!'"

A couple of years later, the May–June 1983 issue of Maximumrocknroll featured the Dicks on the cover and a scene report from Upstate NY that called Capitle, “Albany’s premier hardcore band. They are tight and have intelligent lyrics (and they play all originals).” Capitle would help slam an Albany, NY punk scene into gear that still rages on today.

"I'm middle-aged, can't afford a Corvette for my mid-life crisis," Jim Romano said, jokingly. "So I got a punk band." — Times Union interview, March 2017