Blasé DeBris

Blasé DeBris frontman, Duane Beer, says, "I visualized hearing this album long before beginning the recording process." Well, that sonic imagination has wrought an album that's the perfect cocktail of 21st-century rock-n-roll. A world where the ferocious riffs of “Angels of Eight” meet timeless rockers like “Electrick Children.” Fists-in-the-air anthems like “Proverbial Drugs” meet sing-a-long love songs like “Ember’s Song.” You even get shades of Voivod (yes, Voivod!) in the instrumental “Ether 5:16,” some dark drama in “Up In Smoke,” and a pogo-worth piece of ‘77-inspired punk in “Opportunities.”

In the words of band leader Duane Beer, “Every once in a while, an album will come along that will alter the way we hear music from this day forward. This is NOT that album. But, it’s rad, it’s righteous, it rocks!” Cheers to that! The Gauze is the perfect cocktail of 21st-century rock-n-roll.

My only regret is not finding them sooner. — Daniel XIII, Famous Monsters