Blase Debris - Gauze CD

Blasé DeBris - The Gauze - CD

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Punk with poetry, metal with melody, classic riff-rock with a gothic groove, on their 5th album Blasé DeBris has mixed up a perfect potion of 21st-century rock-n-roll. Amp magazine once called them, “The new kings of horror punk! Combining the metal-tinged thrash of such greats as Motorhead with the gothic edge of Danzig.” But, with the release of The Gauze, Blasé DeBris moves beyond their original Misfits meet Gogol Bordello inspiration into a whole new realm of rock.

24 Karat Heart Attack / Proverbial Drugs / Electrick Children / Ether 5:16 / Up In Smoke / Ember’s Song / A New Religion / Angel of Eights / Tannenbaum / Night Owl / Opportunities / Black Elk (extended)