1313 Mockingbird Lane - Have Hearse Will Travel CD

1313 Mockingbird Lane - Have Hearse Will Travel - CD

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An amalgam of ’60s garage sounds, surf music, and the ’77-era punk bands they’d grown up loving, this is a must-have for any garage punk fan unafraid to explore the deep dark caves of rock’n’roll.

  • First time ever! on compact disc
  • See! newly exhumed photos & memorabilia
  • Read! the adventures recounted by all 4 band members
  • Restored cover that matches the band’s original vision
  • Includes 6 extra bonus tracks — 3 previously unissued!

Dig Her Up / Big Black Car / Bat’s Milk Yogurt / Headless Angel / Teenage Devil Doll / Blood On The Moon / My Hearse…(Is Double Parked) / Oooga Booga Baby / Jack The Ripper / Wolfman / Tilt-A-Whirl / Hey You and the Wind and the Rain / Space Ghost

Bonus tracks:
Things Are Different Now (Scarab S-002) / Egyptian Caravan (Scarab S-002) / Queen Bitch (What Wave WW-12) / Monkey Cage Girl (prev. unissued demo version) / Oooga Booga Baby (prev. unissued rough mix) / Blood On The Moon (prev. unissued instro mix)

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