American Darlings - Afterglow - **PRE-ORDER CD

American Darlings - Afterglow - **PRE-ORDER CD

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Dig the legendary company the Big Takeover put American Darlings' new album, Afterglow, alongside...

'You’re Not Alone,' introduces a heretofore covert MBV/Brian Jonestown/BRMC con­struct without going full shoegaze; a few other songs sound like The Verve produc­ing Alex Chilton, or Ultra Vivid Scene gone Pale Saints. Only 'Coming Back For More' directly rocks, though it’s the standout melody of the closing, beguiling 'Skyline' that's the super-gem—like the most honey­dripped tune that Velvet Crush or Chicago’s Sam Vicari ever offered us. A song to swoon for—it’s what we all want.

Take their advice. Get it now!

You're Not Along / Slowly Show Me / Lonely-Hearted / Metamorphic Mind / Coming Back For More / Skyline

Also available on Cassette