The Erotics - 20 Years of Nothing to Show for It [Best of the Erotics] - 2CD set

The Erotics - 20 Years of Nothing to Show for It [Best of the Erotics] - 2CD set

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Cranking out sleazy anthems of real rock’n’roll since 1996, no one knows how to party like the Erotics! So, we did it up right on their 20thAnniversary with a 2-CD set featuring 40 tracks hand-picked by Mike Trash himself!

  • 40 of the absolute best tracks from 11 Erotics releases over the past 20 years!
  • Including rarities and a few unreleased gems!
  • Remastered to sound better (& louder) than ever!
  • Comes with a full-color, 16-page booklet filled with history, 96 photos of memorabilia, posters, handbills, never-before-seen live and outtake pics, t-shirts & more.
  • Meticulously annotated, with incredible liner notes by former Erotics drummer Bill Ketzer, plus, an interview with the band, a sidebar on the origins of Mike Trash, and a timeline of every musician that’s been a part of 20 years of history.

Disc 1: We’re Never Alright / Three Sheets to the Wind / Last of the Rock N Roll Motherf*ckers / Death with a Heartbeat / Hell Is Where My Heart Is / Your Bloody Frankenstein / Blast Off / She Sucks the Life / 19 Goin On Homicidal / Today the Devil, Tomorrow the World / Think I Wanna Die Tonight / Push Comes To Death / Get Away from Me (Mother F*cker) / Born to Let You Down / Your Mommy Is a Monster / Don’t Make Me Make You / It’s True / Baby Rock Out / All-American Catholic Boy / Teenage Drag Queen

Disc 2: Rock N Roll Killing Machine / I Like It the Way U Hate Me / Drop the Bomb / Drink, Fight, and F*ck (kick-ass version) / Space Age Mafia / Gas Chamber Barbie Doll / Only Girl for Me  / 21st Century S.O.B. / Agony & Xstacy / Nervous Breakdown / Too Many Reasons / Zero Personality / Anxiety 101 (rare early version) / Wreck My Bedroom / Please Kill Me / Slip It In / Got Drunk Again / Way Too Punk (prev. unissued) / Mad About Mary (prev. unissued) / Kicked in the Teeth by Love (prev. unissued)